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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Till tomorrow (or so) from the end of the road

This is how I have ended my writings on this blog for a while, although it seems like it has been more "or so" than "tomorrow".
From the end of the road title is still accurate though,and this blog was intended to be a daily log of life in Key West at the end of the road from the Cork & Stogie viewpoint.
February 11 2018 is today's date and I won't make this blog long, but will pledge to try to return on a more regular basis.
Several friends of mine published and unpublished authors are very good at writing daily and finishing blogs, books, newsletters,daily article of many types,but I find it difficult to stay with it.
Guess I'll use the advice from one author "Just write something ANYTHING down once a day"
Well I guess this is something
Till tomorrow (or so ) from the end of the road

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cuban Cigars in Key West The flag is up , yes but its not smoking

Cuban Cigars in Key West , When will they be here ? number one question .
I say, when will the great Cuban cigars arrive after we are flooded with Cuban cigars.
This is the million dollar question.
I have said for years the cigars will not start arriving until after Sept 2015 . reason being there are so many laws. regulations. and pacts that need to expire and signed or not signed,
The flag is up , yes but its not smoking.
Stay tuned tomorrow on this blog to find out when the Cuban cigars arrive
Till tomorrow (or so) from the end of the road

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Connections Key West Style

Recently watching a rerun of the Love Boat (why I'm not sure) connections started to be made.
Early June is the  equidistant  of Mothers day and Fathers day a time where I reminisce about  mine.

Two of the actors on this episode were Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara ,Jerry was born the same year as my Father and Anne was born the same year as my mother, both Jerry and Anne are still alive as my parents are not.
Corey Feldman was in this episode and has filmed a movie in Key West.

Love Boat cruise ships arrive regularly in Key West, June being one of the months that cruise ship frequency is at it lowest, pleasing to the locals for the most part.

The Love Boat series had a string of celebrities in its tenure ,as well as celebrities in and out of
Key West, although rarely is there a fuss when spotted riding a bike down Duval St. or jogging around Smathers beach. There have been a few exceptions, when Buffett plays Duval for the parrotheads, and Diane Nyad swimming from Cuba.

These are some of the connections my mind has made on such a lazy June day in Key West

Till tomorrow (or so) from the end of the road

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Key West of Super Ground Hogs and Sunsets

In Key West ,the sun is shining brightly, blue skies 73 degrees and right in the middle of our dry season, regardless of the torrential rain Thursday night.

The Super Bowl will take place the evening of the rotund rodent  shadow sighting.

Sunset in Key West today is at 6:15  Super bowl kick off is 6:30 no conflict there. Many will observe both. and many in Key West will take advantage of less populated locations unrelated to the super bowl.

Key West has the Island Iguana and yes he saw his shadow and yes there will be 6 more weeks of winter ,thank you very much

                                              Till tomorrow (or so) from the end of the road

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Key West is Electrifying

Key West is electrifying this time of year, especially the Upper Duval district , with the wreaths on the lamp posts  and the businesses decorating.
If you are local to Key West get on over and check it out at night.

The Holiday lighted boat parade was Saturday and a hit with the locals.

Holiday trolleys and trains are all full, and the lighted bike parade is Wednesday December 18, so even more special.

As the temperatures drop to a very comfortable 68-72 degrees and the air conditioners are being turned off ,the holiday lights are being switched on and it is electrifying

Till tomorrow (or so) from the end of the road

Friday, December 6, 2013

Difficult Key West Decisions

Difficult Key West Decisions have to be made daily.

Some think that living on such a laid back island is the easy life, oh boy not so.

Since living in Key West I have attended charity events, plays, concerts, chamber of commerce meetings, celebration of life services, exotic soiree's, dinner at the finest restaurants, and fashion shows, all while sporting my shorts and flip flops.

I have received invitations to commissioning of  Navy ships  and  a police ride along , I respectfully declined  these events as noted in the following dress code. Dress Code and Grooming

Riders will dress appropriately. Appropriate attire at a minimum would be considered denim jeans in good condition or dress slacks, casual or dress shirt and closed toed shoes.  Shorts, T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, flip flops, sandals  are not acceptable. 

So as you see difficult decisions must be made in Key West on a daily basis that affect quality of life and well being.

Today December 6, 2013 under blue skies and 82 degrees I must make a decision to wear my plaid shorts or the green solid ones, slip on the flip flops and I'm off  to the Cork & Stogie.  

Oh I forgot I received my first jury duty summons, I report on Monday. We'll see how that one goes

Till tomorrow (or so) from the end of the road


Monday, December 2, 2013

Beautiful Day Down Paradise Way,,,, in Key West

Waking up in Key West is always good , but there are special days, like today .
Lets mark this on the calendar December 2, 2013

The Sun is cracking over the horizon as Jupiter is tilting slightly starboard.

As I look at the weekly forecast ,I see highs of 82 and lows of 72.

A friend of mine who plays music here in Key West,when he is not attending to his duties as  southernmost beerroisseur, wrote a song named Beautiful Day Down Paradise Way.
Thanks Chris Rehm  for this very fitting song.

Till tomorrow (or so) from the end of the road